Summer Glau on a Stick
n.b. the stick is attached to her back, you perverts

Summer Glau is an actor and a dancer. Summer Glau plays River Tam on the TV series called "Firefly" and the movie called "Serenity".

I think that it would be neat to have a Summer Glau on a Stick. I would take her around with me and she would flip out where it was appropriate/necessary.

Just the science of it would be neat.

I have written and recorded a song about Summer Glau on a Stick. It is musically inspired by the Ballad of Serenity. Click here to download it.

Here are the lyrics:

when I'm feeling blue
and the bad's comin' thick
I just think of Summer
Glau on a Stick

'cause I know I can depend
on her hot mad skills
I trust in her bendiness
and video evidence of her kills

so bring it on, world
I don't care a bit
I got me some Summer
Glau on a Stick

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